About Me!

Hey! If you haven't guessed by now i'm Alisha and this is my little blog where I like to share my views and reviews with the world. If your reading this then I personally applaud you for putting up with me. So I feel I must tell you all about me and how if you want to? getting in contact with me!

I'm 17 years old and i'm a June baby so i'm the last in my year to age up! I got to school in lil old rugby at an all girls grammar school, sounds posh right well you should come its really not! I have some lovely friends there that make me chuckle on a regular basis and some good friends at the all boy school too! I enjoy things like chemistry, biology and history (ie my A2 subjects) but I'd say i'm a bit split because at the same time I love shopping, make up and everything girly. I love reading books they entertain me so much and I'll read anything that isn't too boring or soppy. But I do love watching a ton of films and tv at the same time, I randomly quote and sing all the time. I geniuenly try to be a happy person at least on the exterior, I love seeing happiness in others #gay.

If you have any questions or just want a little natter honestly don't be scared I love talking to people! You can either tweet me @takecarealisha or email me at alishaleighbarfield@gmail.com or even just leave us a little comment! Thank you for any support you may give me, anything from a read to a comment means the world to me so thank you.