Sunday, 19 August 2012

Glossybox July 2012

Hey! So I'm really sorry how late this post is with it being the holidays I have been all over the place but finally I have the time to love my very neglected blog!

I received my July Glossybox very late due to my 'lovely' neighbors sending my box away when I had plans for a friend to pick up it up but finally it did arrive and I have to admit that this is my favorite box from Glossy. The first box (May) I received was really good and as an update I gave the mask to mum she loved them and said she wanted more! My second box (June) was to put it bluntly awful I haven't liked any of the products and will not be re-purchasing any of them! But this month was a dramatic turn in events and I loved everything there is only a few things I wont buy and that is just because I can't afford to

Lovley little panflet letting me know whats goodies are waiting for me within the box! Normally when i open the box I just ignore this to start of with so I get a bit of a surprise when I look within and just so I don't start of disappointed but this month was far from it so with that we shall get right into the review.
1.HD Brows-HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette
What they say? Give your eyes and brows beauty that lasts with this incredible all-in-one compact palette
What I say? LOVE LOVE LOVE. WE FOUND LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLAAAACE! When I thought Glossy had gone to the dogs they make me fall in love again by giving this life saving product. I love this so so so much it has became part of my daily routine and I must say I couldn't live without it. The color's are perfect for my complextion and are really pigmented and long lasting meaning my fuller eyebrows don't where of throughout the day.  Off to a good start ;)

2. Clynol Salon Exclusive-Enrich Color Shampoo
What they say? A gentle shampoo with liquid jewel extract and UV filters to protect rich tones from fading.
What I say? Just like to point out that at the moment I don't dye my hair so I don't think I found the true benifit of this shampoo but on a lighter note it was lovely and smelt really nice. It also did have that salon/high quality touch to it. I won't be re-purchasing due to it being a little pricey and that I don't need color protection but defiantly worth trying!

3. Monu-Golden Glow
What they say? This moisturizing treatment for the face and body provides a safe, natural-looking tan in just 3-5 hours.
What I say? I am not going to lie to you all but I haven't fully used this yet I was going to wait to winter so I didn't go back to my lovely porcilin ways. The bright yellow scares me a little but I put a wee bit on my hand and discovered that actually it wasn't really yellow at all. The product doesn't really have a strong sent just like cream? idk? but yes I am excited to try this little bottle of yellow out!

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics-Lip Frosting
What they say? A multi-functional cream gloss. Use on lips for a tint of color; or cheeks for a luminous glow.
What I say? I am yet to put this on my cheeks due to it being designed for my lips as a form of gloss just makes me think this is a bit weird? But it is lovely on lips gives a lovely pink/redish tint while glossing them, it smells delicious but nothing like the irish cream pavlova it states which again is a bit weird? But don't get me wrong I really love this and I am seriously considering buying it again when my little tube runs out.

Elizabeth Arden-Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15
What they say? This lightweight, oil-free lotion helps protect skin from UVA/UVB rays and pollution as it provides hydration all day long.
What I say? That has to be the weirdest description of this product ever I see it as just my new daily moisturizer not some sun defense pollution thing. I don't even have pollution where I live you div. Anyways I really like the moisturizer and even though it was a trial thing it didn't come in those little packets in came in a suction pump tube. I feel that I am running low on this due to my over usage of it so once my Simple Moisturizer run's out I may re-purchase this. Though the £32.00 price tag does put me off a wee bit!

What they say? Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Skin Balancing line works to keep skin looking revitalized and healthy. 
What I say?  I love little extra's lets me know that Glossy still love us! I haven't used this yet because of the amount of packet samples I have yet to use I shall get to these soon but if it's more Elizabeth Arden stuff i'm excited!

So overall for me this has been the best Glossybox of three, it ticks all the box's of being luxury products that I wouldn't have thought to try before with a mixture of skin care and make-up. Love IT! But at the same time I am glad I only brought 3 months due to a lot of people not feeling the August box due to the eye shadow thing? I hope to try JolieBox next but I won't be purchasing this till October because September is an expensive month for me ;)

What did you thing of July's box? Were you has happy as me? Tell me by commenting below
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