Saturday, 30 March 2013

selfie // Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Hey guys,
I know another selfie post but this post was just a brain wave to me and well when genius sparks I can't put that fire out. Okay that was an odd thing to say. Anyways I'm sure you have all heard of good 'old Macklemore and hopefully some of you will know who Ryan Lewis is. Famous for his song 'Thrift Shop'
Which we all know and love very much. But did you know he has so much more to offer. Like seriously. One day I thought you know what lets listen to some of his other works of the album 'The Heist' (which he created with his producer Ryan Lewis). I think I've found a new love, in Macklemore. Seriously you all need to go and have a listen to his other songs because they are just as good as Thrift Shop and really deserve some recognition. I just want to say, I'm not some indie hipster I don't go looking for the most hipster songs I can find to be 'cool'. I really love the mainstream stuff and then if I hear someone I like I sort of venture of into a world of unknown and then that's when I come along different songs. Anyway so my definite new favorite is a song called 'Can't Hold Us' its so upbeat and jolly and just screams summer/spring so here it is: 
I absolutely love this song and I hope I can tell as many people about it because this song needs to be on everyone's summer playlists because it is smokin'. Oh god I just said that. But on a more serious note, I really like Macklemore he is an amazing rapper and I feel that he just appeals to so many people especially those, who unlike me, aren't the biggest fans of rappers. So go check him out you may find something you love!
Have you made any recent music discovery's? If so let me know!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

selfie // I saw this boyband you may have heard of them?

Hey guys,
So this another one of those post where I tell you little anecdotes of my life. Lucky you! Anyways on Friday 22nd March 2013, me, my friend Alex, her sister Livvi, her cousin Alannah and her other cousin Immi went to the Lg Arena see some boy band you may have heard of called One Direction. You know the biggest selling boy band at the moment. I don't know their a little low key but. Oh look at me trying to be funny. Yeah we have all heard of them! They were amazing. We booked the tickets over a year ago and by the time the night came me and lexa didn't really feel the hype that much. But when we got to our seats (urm 13 rows from the front may I add) we were absolutely buzzing for it. They performed all of their big hits as well as songs of both their albums. They even had a B-stage which urm 4 FRICKIN ROWS AWAY FROM. If it would have been quite we could have had a full blown conversation. They traveled from stage to stage on a platform that went across the audience. Urm Zayn, Liam and Louis may have waved at us and zayn even added a cheeky smile. and i'm just really calm about that. Oh god look at me exposing my directioner side. Help. I love them too much considering i'm meant to love rap. Oh sweet Jesus! Well before I make any more of a mess of myself here are some pictures from the evening. Oh did I mention the support act (5 Seconds of Summer) were just hot okay. I'm going. 

Have you been to any gigs recently? Or did you, like me, see these cheeky little fellows? 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

review // Mumkin

Hey guys, today i'm here to talk to you about this little bundle of goodness. Isn't it just the cutest little bath product. Got to love Lush. If you are unaware of what ^that is, it's called a Mumkin and not even Lush really knows what it is. It smells utterly divine and I just couldn't wait to crumble this little baby into the bath. So this is what happened ...

As you can see the water gained a sort of orange/pink tone to it nothing too bright or scary like another product I shall be talking about! A fair amount of bubbles were produced but not as much as I was expecting considering I used the whole thing but the Comforter just gives you these ridiculous expectations. The smell was really nice, sort of sweet and fruity. But it wasn't over powering its very subtle and with the nice hot steam cleansing your face it just sends you into pure relaxation. I really enjoyed using this and I wish it was an all year round product! Have you tried this Mumkin? Or do you have another Lush favourite? Let me know!

Friday, 15 March 2013

review // Urban Decay Naked Basics

Hey guys, 
Cue scream! I got it! Finally! An Urban Decay pallet I can call my own! I am in love, I've been trying to create so many looks with this bad boy since I brought it about 2 weeks ago. Basically (if you'll pardon the pun) I remembered that my Aunt and Uncle gave me and £20 Debenhams voucher so after patrolling the Urban Decay counter for about a day I decided on this little pallet. I had heard so many good things about it and it just seemed to be a staple in so many people's collections so I thought i'd give it a swing. I took just a few photos of my new baby ...

Sorry for the poor swatches in real life they were much stronger but I really couldn't get them to show up that well on my camera god knows why?! I love using Venus as a highlight in the corner of my eyes or on my brow bone and Crave is brilliant for doing black eyeliner without it being to harsh. All the other colour's are just generally really great for creating very natural looks that anyone could pull of as casual looks. I really recommend this pallet the quality of the shadows is just unbelievable and for only £20 (which is roughly £3.33 a shade! bargain!). Seriously if your sat there thinking maybe maybe not then go, go and buy this product now! okay! As you can tell I love this pallet but i'd love to know whether any of you have tried it? and if so did you love it like me?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

haul // I went again.

Hey guys, when I say I've been too that shop again I feel like I've committed a sin. To be frank I probably have I spend way to much in there but its all just too good and nice and perfect and I have nothing better to do so judge me okay. 
I picked up one of my favourite things and the reason why I actually went, The Comforter Bubble Bar. I can normally get around 3 baths out of this bad boy making it well worth the money and the smell of this thing is just unbelievable. I also picked up The Mumkin Bubble Bar. She has a rasberry and lemon ora about her and produces a fair amount of bubbles when crumbled into the bath. 
I then picked up an Easter special of The Fluffy Egg. This smells beyond amazing soon as I smelt it I just had to have it in my life. It is basically snow fairy in a bath products, if you don't know my love for snow fairy then you should check out this post. I also manned up and finally gave in to one of Lush's fresh face masks. I ended up with the Love Lettuce one because the shop assistant told me it would be the best for my skin and they weren't lying! This has saved my skin so much even if the smell is awful. 
The final thing I picked up was the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub. This isn't for the faint hearted, it is an intense cleanse for your skin but if you can take the heat then this is for you! With lemon, lime and vodka in it along with all that sea salt it really does cleanse deep into your pores and gets all the dirt and grime out while waking up your skin. I really love this but like I said I wouldn't recommend this too anyone with very sensitive skin.
I know I update about Lush a lot but it is my favourite shop along with Boots and well who doesn't like to hear about a few great products! Have you picked anything up from Lush recently? Or anything your lusting after? Let us know!

Friday, 1 March 2013

empties // Last year and 1/6th of this year

Hey guys, as you can see I have been hording a heck of a lot of empties seriously the box I have been keeping them in is overloading and well it's about time it got emptied. I have so much to talk about so i'm just going to get straight into it.
So first of all we have Gorgeous by Gok Wan Body Wash, this is one of those alright products that's nice to use and smells okay but nothing too amazing or to go singing about. I got this a Christmas gift and it was nice to try but I don't think i'll be re-purchasing. Next we have The Daily Smooth Body Butter by Soap and Glory. It was odd to try a body butter out of a tube instead of a tub but it was a nice change. I liked this product it was moisturizing as well as smelling really great. But I don't think i'll buy any more at the moment as I have tons of body butter to get through! Also from Soap and Glory is The Scrub Of Your Life (x2). I really like this scrub and every time I get a little version of it I think why don't I just go and get the full size!  I really enjoy using this and will probably buy another! From the Body Shop I have got a full size Strawberry Shower Gel and a mini Mango Shower Gel. I loved the strawberry one it smelt amazing and really fruit but the mango one I didn't really get on with it smelt a bit too chemically which was weird. I probably what re-purchase because I have quite a few shower gels on the go! Finally I finished a 250ml bottle of Lush Snow Fairy. I did a review on it a while back in November, here, and I'm just in love with it! I have a 100ml bottle waiting to be used, it really upsets me that you can only get this around Christmas!

So first of all I finished the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara. I really like this mascara I found it did a great job of making my lashes look longer and have more volume, but if too heavily applied it could be a little clumpy but that's my fault not theirs! I won't re-buy but that's only because I love trying new mascara's instead of just sticking to one! I also finished a Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This was a great foundation for me in the summer when I was a little more tan and I found it stayed quite matte throughout the day which was impressive. But I had to say bye bye to it because as winter dawned I became all pale again and this no longer fitted my skin colour. I finished three sample moisturizers from Elizabeth Arden, Balance Me and Avenue. I really liked using all of this my favourite being the most expensive in Elizabeth Arden. I have plenty of moisturizers on the go so i'm not in need of a new buy but I would recommend all of them! I've also included just a few Montagne Jennesse Face Mask which I finished over the last few months. I love these mask and did a post on them here  I think they are great value for money and they really do make your skin feel amazing. Great for paper evenings! I also finished my make up wipes. Nothing to exciting to be said I just get whatever wipes are the cheapest at the time because I get through them ridiculously quick! In the corner there you can see I have finished a cute little sample from BareMinerals. Re-purchase? Well yes! I got there foundation kit for Christmas and shall be putting a post up soon about it. 

Only four little mini's in this category  Thank god after all that writing above #dedication. So first of all we have the Dove Colour Radiance Conditioner. This is the conditioner that got me back into conditioning my hair. I stopped conditioning my hair thinking that I didn't need to but when I started again I realized the difference it made and I was hooked again! I didn't buy this one I got a V05 one but kudos to this! Next are two shampoo's The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture and Mark Hill Sexy Straight. I hated the Body Shop one, sorry but the smell was just plain awful I was glad to finish the bottle. However the Mark Hill one was actually really nice and it did give my hair a subtle shine which I liked. The only thing I really don't like is that fact it's called 'Sexy Straight' I have a thing with that word along with 'Bird' stupid words. But anyways overall it was a nice product to try. Last but not least is the Osmo Berber Oil. This was unbelievably good. I found love with this, it nourished my hair, gave it a glossy shine and made it smell amazing! I will be buying this again when I have a bit more money! What a positive note to end on!
Kudos to you if you read all of that. I know there was a lot. I promise that I will become more consistent with updating my empties because no one needs a post this big in their lives ;). I hope you enjoyed this and we're interested in seeing what I've used up? IDK okay. Have you finished any products that you really love? Or maybe really hate? Let us know!