Wednesday, 31 October 2012

quick post!

Hey guys,
just thought i'd let you know that i'm selling some stuff on ebay (mum's accounts btw) and it would be awesome if you went and checked it out! I placed a few photos above so you guys could see it would mean a great deal! thank you!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

love a freebie me.

hey guys!
So this month when I saw the free samples knocking about it some magazines I couldn't help myself and I ran out straight away to grab myself some good reading material. I managed to pick up In-Style which had a lovely sample of Benefits Benetint and also Marie Clarie which had some L'Occitane hand creme and dove conditioner. I love when magazines put nice samples in you get a great beauty product along which some enjoyable reading I mean what more could you really ask for? Did you mange to pick up these samples? have you seen any other good magazines around?

review:Elf Studio Blush And Bronzer Duo

Recently I was very luck in wining a lovely bronzer and blush duo from I so happy to receive it and when it came it was all I talked about. Now its arrived what do I think of it?
Well I LOVE it I've been meaning to try out elf products for ages and I think most people got sick of it. The blusher is a lovely pink shade which is super pigmented meaning that you can really vary it from a light coverage right up to a high coverage. The same goes for the bronzer as well I feel I may not use the bronzer as much as the blusher just purely because of how pale I am but both are really lovely. I'm so happy to have found a new blusher/bronzer to try out and if I decide to re-purchase it will defiantly be in range! Thank you so much to and please everyone go follow their blog now! Have you guys won any competitions recently? if so what? tell me all about it by commenting below!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

JOTD: The Plain Woolen One.

Second installment of my jumper of the day! Today's jumper again comes from the lovely h&m and costs around £14.99 it has become one of the most worn pieces of clothing since I have brought it. It's really warm and the pattern is just so cute. It goes with just about everything from leggings to shorts. I feel that this jumper is my obsession and I may buy more that are very similar!

Saturday, 13 October 2012



So here is my first wishlist list theses are just a few things that I have had my eyes on and wish I could have.  Fingers crossed santa in a few months times may bring me some of these sweeties. I've had my eye on the eco tools forever and the disco pants. The believe ring is super cute and so is the the owl jumper. I'm in love with the Stila One Step Illuminator and the Benefit range so if I could i'd have everything! Have you guys got any things that your really wishing for? or just really looking forward to Christmas? Let me know

I'm addicted to you don't you know that your toxic.

I'm addicted to buy things it's official  but I have promised myself that this will be my lat proper haul until Christmas because I must buy some presents for my friends and family. Last Thursday I was granted the day of school by school because of some teacher training thing. So I went over to Coventry and picked up if few bits and pieces from Boot's, The Body Shop and WHSmiths,

  • Bourjois Paris Nail Polish Remover - £4.99
  • Natural Collection Duo Eye shadow in Mink/Sable - £1.99
  • Natural Collection Moisture Lip Shine in Biscuit - £1.49 (free)
  • The Body Shop Shower Gel in Mango and Strawberry- £4 each (one was £2 because of an offer)
  • Rain Forest Moisture Gift Set- Free! (because I signed up for The Body Shop card)
  • L'Occitane Hand Cream in Rose Petals- Free with Marie Claire
  • Dove hair therapy conditioner- Free with Marie Claire
  • Clinique Even Better Foundation Sample- Free with Marie Claire
Considering I just popped out to get a few bits I think I got a quite a bit for buck. What have you been buying this month? Have you discovered any new favorites? Let us know! 



So I wanna try and get some more clothing posts in so I suppose this is my first proper clothing post. I was thinking it's getting to that time of year where you start to wear more woolly jumpers so I thought i'd do a Jumper Of The Day! Today's jumper is my purple(ish) Bambi jumper that is from H&M at £19.99. It was love at first sight and its super warm and comfortable. So that's why it's my first jumper of the day!
Have you got your jumper collection out yet? What are your favorites? Lets us know!

Friday, 12 October 2012

last sunday night?

hey guys,
don't you just love the poorly named title I tried to be cool and take some Katy Perry thing and switch it up but anyways. As promised but maybe a little later that expected I have a very different post today for y'all last weekend I got to go to the ... TEEN AWARDS in London! I went down with me and 5 friends and we sat in two threes confusing right just to make it worse another 4 of my friends went and then my other friend went with her swifties. To put it bluntly a lot of my friends went down. It was an amazing day where I got to see people like; fun., Little Mix, Ne-Yo, Conor Maynard, Taylor Swift and last but not least One Direction. Along with these lovely acts there were many other celebrities there and in general it was an amazing day. I'll leave you with a few snaps and just to say we also met nana Pat who is Christopher Maloney's gran of the X-Factor.
So have you been anywhere exciting over the last few months or plan to go to any gigs this month? let us know!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

September Empties!

So it's the start of a new month and I injure my hand. That's right I sprained my wrist by playing 'pinch punch' with my friend. But also what happens at the beginning of a new month is I chuck out all of my empties and tell you guys all about what I liked and what I didn't!
So firstly we my Hollister Mabla Beach perfume spray which smells beaut me and my friends all have this. I repurchased this pretty much straight away and I have no regrets it's just a lush floral scent for everyday!Secondly we have my Harajuku Lovers  in Sunshine Cuties-G. This is a really nice coconut beach smelling perfume that does last forever! I didn't repurchase this on the basis I want to change perfume and spice things up so I brought DKNY Be Delicious instead. Finally we have some small perfume samples that I got out of my Glossybox's I really didn't get on with most of these due to them smelling of old women. I'm 15 for God sake!
 On the far left we have MarkHill Sexy Straight shampoo. This is an alright shampoo it wasn't terribly awful but at the same time it was nothing to amazing to make we want to go out and buy the full size, therefore I didn't re-buy. In the middle is V05's Ultimate Hold hairspray. This hair is NOT ultimate hold it is awful my hair barley stayed in for the time it took to walk down a flight of stairs! Will never ever buy again! Finally we have Clynol Color&Care Shampoo again a sample out of my Glossybox and I did really like this I don't have colored hair but this shampoo made my hair lovely and soft; The only reason I haven't brought it again is it a little pricey.
 In my make-up/nails section we have some samplers of Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, I have come to the conclusion that after trying many BB creams that they are not for me at all due to have combination skin. Next we have the BarryM Topcoat, this is my favorite clear nail varnish due to the price and the quality you get for you money, again I re-purchased this straight away! Lastly we have BM beauty Bronzer; to start of with I didn't not use this as a bronzer due to how shiny it is, lets just say I don't like to sparkle. I won't be buying this due to it being super messy and not really my cup of tea

Finally we have Sasy n Savy Hand and Nail Repair Creme. This little tube of creme did smell a like old woman a bit but it was a really nice hand creme that my hand un-believable soft which was very nice. I haven't re-brought it because I don't really use hand cremes not quite at that age yet ;D. Last but by no means least is The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter. Which to no surprise smells really strongly of lemons it is so lovely and leaves you body silky soft. I have re-brought this but now I really want the strawberry one! I am banned form buying body butter atm due to having 6 huge tubes of the stuff!

So that's it for my empties this month there isn't many but hey! It just takes me a while to get through stuff which is fine and hopefully next month i'll have a few more things to show you all. So what have you used up this month? Have you found any new favorites this month? Comment let me know! Till next time bye!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Boots/Drugstore Haul!

Hello young wiper-snappers,
Today I shall be showing you my little haul that was done the other weekend that I just keep meaning to do but keep putting off because of school. Being in year 11 is like work overload and stressy but it's cool i'm getting the hang off it all. Because of this I am able to come back to my lovely little blog and post a ton of stuff! yay ! Onto Boots!

Here we have three lovely BarryM nail varnishes the one on the far left is called 'Grey', middle one is just their Topcoat, Base-coat and Hardener and the far right one is called 'Mushroom' what a cute name? I absolutely love BarryM as a brand and their nail varnishes are just amazing. I find myself just constantly buying every color in the them because even though they are like £2.99-£3.99 they are such good quality defiantly if your on a budget like me!

Here we have the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in True Ivory which is exactly the same as my Wake Me Up foundation which I am in love with. I have been looking for the perfect concealer for ages and after falling in love with Rimmel's foundation I thought i'd give this a shot. I did look at the famous Collection 2000 concealer but I really couldn't get the right shade and when I saw this was on offer I just had to buy it. It works so well and blends amazingly so you don't get that undesirable 'cakey' look. I am so glad I brought this!

Lastly we have the Natural Collection blush and I'm not quite sure of the shade so i'll back to you on that but the picture does not do it any justice! It is a lovely mute shade of pink that really adds a nice tone of pink to your cheeks to create a flawless look. After my £6 Topshop blush ran out I felt the need to quickly replace it but due to this being an expensive month for me I needed something a little on the cheap side and this was the answer at £1.99! I shall be defiantly be buying a few more shades of this just because of it quality for the price. Super impressed and really recommend that every girl has one of these!

Overall I feel that I had a very successful trip to Boots also I forgot to mention my mother dearest brought some stuff from No7 including the new foundation service which again is amazing they were really lovely and matched her skin perfectly. The only downside is that it in the higher end of the Boots stuff so therefore a little pricey but if you have the money then go for it! So what have your purchases been recently? Got any good hidden finds? Let me know by commenting below!

OPI are they worth the buck?

So I'm a complete sucker for new nail polish isn't it just the best to have lovely colorful nails any ways without going to far of topic I recently (*cough* two months ago*cough*) brought some OPI nail varnishes to see whether there was reason behind the hype. So after looking at all possible options I decided on the Nicki Minaj Mini's. The colors included in the set were; Did It On 'Em, Pink Friday, Fly and Save Me. All of which are really exciting colors that defiantly reflect Nicki! *FUN FACT I'm seeing the awesome Nicki Minaj on 27th October! Now I have shared that lets move on.

Did It On 'Em
This is a greeny-yellow color which is borderline neon. When I first ordered this set I wasn't too in love with this color and thought it wouldn't be really that nice and be the least used. But now it has really started to grow on me and I'm sure i'll find some awesome use for this polish! The consistancey is quite thick and a lil streaky nothing a few coats can't sort!

Pink Friday
What a gorgeous shade of pink? I've been looking for a beautiful shade just like this for a very long time and I think I may have found the answer. It's a little opac and thick at the same time if that makes any sense but again nothing a few coats can't make it into the perfect baby pink shade. 
This isn't the most inD color in the mix but i'm not really an indie girl so I don't really give a damn, I have no exciting blue's like this in my collection. I really love this color and this is easily my favourite out the bunch I love blues and teal so right up my street. Again I used 3 coats to get a good color and I think i'll end up using this one the most purely because i <3 blue!
Save Me
The final Quartet I this lovely bar glitter polishes. Glitter has been all the rage this year and I along with many others have been sucked into this craze and now have another glitter to add to the collection. Not that i'm complaining! This type of glitter is different to your standard glitter because the added bars and I think it so awesome and again really represents Nicki! Lately I have been using it over different colors just on my ring fingers (a little trick I picked up from other beauty bloggers!). Again I would advise 3 coats if it is being used on its own but if over a color i'd say about 2!

So have you tried any OPI nail varnishes? If so what colors and what did you think of them? Let me know below!