Friday, 26 July 2013

selfie// Feeling down, well turn that frown upside down!

Hey guys, so I've been gone for a while but now I'm back for good. I'd have already put a post up explaining where I've been by the time this goes out so go read that! Anyways this post is something I came up with the other day, while thinking of things to do that would cheer me up. Lately I've felt in a bit of rut of being down and its down to some personal things with people, but I don't wanna linger on it or talk about it anymore. Instead i'm going to tell some of the things I do when I'm down that will make me laugh or make me happy! Hopefully you guys might find them useful!

1. Watch a funny movie
Now I know this may seem obvious but it is true. It helps a lot. I would recommend 'Superbad'. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. Basically if a guy has got you down then watch this bunch of loser try and get laid. It's like the Inbetweeners but in a movie, so basically a brilliant cheer me up.

2. Do something impulsive or a little crazy
I find I can be quite up tight and not really a risk taker I like my comfort zone. I'm always worried what people will think so I don't do things that are a little quirky. Anyways This weekend I decided to dye the ends of my hair purple. Me and my sister did it and I just thought why not? In conclusion I love it and it's made me feel good and a little different.

3. Sing and dance
I'm not a singer. Or a dancer. Or anything cool. But nothing makes me feel better than a girl power playlist consisting of the likes of Taylor Swift or Beyonce that a can belt out every tune and dance around my house to. I feel like I'm actually a massive star when actually I sound and look like a cat having a seizure. But you know what, It makes me feel great and just completely relaxes me so I just continue on.

4.Read Harry Potter.
Harry Potter is life. I'm just a little bit of a fan and I find that it cheers me up so much. For me the best therapy is to sit and read all the books in order. I love being taken to another world where my problems mean nothing and I can focus my mind on Harry's problems. I know the books like the back of my hand but they still manage to entertain me. If you haven't read them you really should!

5. Apply a full face of make-up
Finally, my most tried and tested happiness boost is to sit and do my make-up to utter perfection no matter how long it takes and what time of day. It gets to 11pm and I'm sat there with a full smokey eye look, but I assure you ladies nothing will trouble me. Well not until I have to take it all off but still the application is the most exciting thing, if I could do it all the time I would.

I hope you found my list useful if you're feeling down! I'd love to know what you do to feel better when down because there is only so many times you can get emosh over Harry being 'Such a brave boy'. Let us know below!

selfie// Where have you been?

This is a story all about how my life got turned up and flipped right round. Such a fan of the prince of Bel Air. But it doesn't explain my lack of postings. I'll tell you where I have been, I've been studying very hard for my GCSE'S and sitting them. Its been intense and to say un-fun is an under statement But it's done now! Yay! That means i'm free to do whatever I want i.e Blogging! So prepare yourselves for a ton of posts from yours truly over the summer! I've been on holiday to the sunny Turkey and managed to miss prom (ooops) but it doesn't matter, barely anyone is leaving they're all coming back next year so it was just a giant disco for all. I've also just spent week mopping around the house over something ridiculous but enough is enough, I'm maning up and get back on the blog hype because this is my baby and I've been neglecting it and that is bad. Very bad. Sorry for this very unexciting post but I just felt I had to justify where I have been the last few months a why I hadn't been updating but I'm back now so we can carry on! Hope you stay tuned for all the fun fun posts to come!