Sunday, 7 September 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour // Lifestyle

Normally don't start a post with loads of photos but I thought it would be more fitting, I know it's been a bit random of post's recently but I just felt like there are so many things I want to blog about and well whats to say I can't and well who doesn't like Harry Potter eh? So a few weeks ago after many attempts me and my dad set down towards Watford to the Warner Brothers studio to go and finally experience the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Now I know everyone has beat me to the post and have already been to see the tour however if you haven't I really recommend you do. For those who don't know to keep it fresh and to keep people coming back and different points in the year different events and exhibitions are shown to reflect the certain period in the films. Basically at Christmas there is snow and all the Christmas props and the same for most seasons. When we went it was just towards the end of the summer season so they had a lot to do with Quiditch on. It was interesting to see how the managed to so many of the effects and how much time and effort went into each set design. My pictures really don't give it the justice it deserves there is so much to look at and see. My only regret is that we chose not to use the audio tour but if I was to do it again I certainly would. You can sense an essence of magic in the air and for an vivid fan this is just a must. Have you been or are just a big fan of Harry Potter?