Sunday, 25 November 2012

review // Lush Snow Fairy

Hey guys, so today I shall be reviewing the lovely snow fairy from Lush. I brought the 250g product for about £6.25 which for me is a little on the more expensive side but hey ho it's Lush your pretty much guaranteed quality! So this is my first year of buying snow fairy and lets just say I now get the hype. It smells well 'lush', it has a strong essence of candy floss and sweets and all things pink. At least that explains the bright pink color of the product. It is intended to be a shower gel but currently I am using it as a shampoo and I shall never look back! It leaves my hair smelling beautiful like Candy Floss and silky smooth with no dry scalp. I think to sum this up it is defiantly worth the money you pay and I feel everyone in the world should have a bottle of this in their home!