Friday, 26 July 2013

selfie// Where have you been?

This is a story all about how my life got turned up and flipped right round. Such a fan of the prince of Bel Air. But it doesn't explain my lack of postings. I'll tell you where I have been, I've been studying very hard for my GCSE'S and sitting them. Its been intense and to say un-fun is an under statement But it's done now! Yay! That means i'm free to do whatever I want i.e Blogging! So prepare yourselves for a ton of posts from yours truly over the summer! I've been on holiday to the sunny Turkey and managed to miss prom (ooops) but it doesn't matter, barely anyone is leaving they're all coming back next year so it was just a giant disco for all. I've also just spent week mopping around the house over something ridiculous but enough is enough, I'm maning up and get back on the blog hype because this is my baby and I've been neglecting it and that is bad. Very bad. Sorry for this very unexciting post but I just felt I had to justify where I have been the last few months a why I hadn't been updating but I'm back now so we can carry on! Hope you stay tuned for all the fun fun posts to come!