Friday, 15 March 2013

review // Urban Decay Naked Basics

Hey guys, 
Cue scream! I got it! Finally! An Urban Decay pallet I can call my own! I am in love, I've been trying to create so many looks with this bad boy since I brought it about 2 weeks ago. Basically (if you'll pardon the pun) I remembered that my Aunt and Uncle gave me and £20 Debenhams voucher so after patrolling the Urban Decay counter for about a day I decided on this little pallet. I had heard so many good things about it and it just seemed to be a staple in so many people's collections so I thought i'd give it a swing. I took just a few photos of my new baby ...

Sorry for the poor swatches in real life they were much stronger but I really couldn't get them to show up that well on my camera god knows why?! I love using Venus as a highlight in the corner of my eyes or on my brow bone and Crave is brilliant for doing black eyeliner without it being to harsh. All the other colour's are just generally really great for creating very natural looks that anyone could pull of as casual looks. I really recommend this pallet the quality of the shadows is just unbelievable and for only £20 (which is roughly £3.33 a shade! bargain!). Seriously if your sat there thinking maybe maybe not then go, go and buy this product now! okay! As you can tell I love this pallet but i'd love to know whether any of you have tried it? and if so did you love it like me?