Friday, 21 February 2014

Review // Lush Candy Mountain

Before I start I just want to apologies for the fact that this was a limited edition product for Christmas but I just really wanted to review it! A great dupe for this is the permanent Creamy Candy bubble bar and the scent is very similar to the Rock Star soap! Back to the review, this has to be one of my favorite products that Lush came out with this year over the festive season, it's the perfect girly bubble bath with a sweet vanilla scent that isn't too sickly. Inspired by one of Lush's best sellers, Snow Fairy, this pink and cream glitter bubble bar is guaranteed to make you feel like a little girl again! I find the bubble bars are most effective when crumbled underneath the tap, this produces the best lather.
Sorry for the poor image the lighting in the bathroom isn't great! However it gives an idea of what it looked like in the bath, lots of bubbles and lots of shimmer on a sweet pink coloured bath. The scent is one of my favorites, I love all things sweet smelling and this defiantly did it for me and for £2.85 it didn't break the bank either. Overall a great bubble bar however I'm gutted that it was only a special edition, lets hope it makes a come back at the end of the year! Have you tried this product? Or if not what's your favorite lush product?