Wednesday, 6 August 2014

7 Months Of Being Subscribed To Birchbox In A Week // Beauty Box

Well it's been a while hasn't it. I keep trying to come up with reason after reason on why I haven't been regularly updating and there just isn't one. It started with being busy with school work, then exams, then having a brief period of chilling and then that developed into pure laziness. No more! I really want to keep my blog running effectively as I just have so much that I want to talk about. So hopefully this will be the start of me really getting back onto the blogging bandwagon and getting into a routine with it that works well around all of my other commitments so I can still retain my favorite hobby.I have so many idea's for post in the next few weeks, ie trying to do some more fashion and lifestyle  posts.  So now we've got the boring admin/apology done lets get into today's post. 

I have been subscribed to Birchbox for 7 months now which is a heck of long time and I have never done a post on any of my boxes. So I thought why not condense 7 months into 1 week so any possible people that may be interested in subscribing can see what they are to expect over a fair period. Luckily I did manage to take loads and loads of photos so you can really see in depth what you get in Birchbox. Slight spoiler alert but I am very happy with my subscription and I find the quality of the boxes to be much more consistant that some of its competitors. So from Monday 11th there will be each month of Birchbox and by the time I'm back from V Festival we shall be ready for August. How exciting!!