Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A haul from boots more recently // Haul

I realise the title suggests this haul is recent, for a normal person yes it is, however the fact I'm a massive shopaholic means there is a massive haul to come that well is going to take some time to prepare. But today is focused on this  boot's haul where I did go a little cray and felt the need to buy a lot of stuff that was on the never ending lust list from the drugstore. I just went with the motto, want it buy it. Never a good one trust me on that after feeling my much lighter purse. Yolo, ouch the worst phrase ever but sometimes too true.
L'Oreal is just the devil for me because it's defiaitly my one true love and want it all however it ceratinly is at the higher end of the drugstore and is a bit more splurge. Yolo. So the first thing I picked up is this bronzer/highlighter that can be used as a contour or just to warm up the face lightly. I also picked up two hyped up products the first being the l'extraordinaire liquid lipsticks,  I picked up the shade rouge soprano, a cute red. I also picked up one of the mono eyed shadows that everyone has been going crazy for however I am struggling to see why maybe I just picked up a duff colour.
Next is two essie polishes. I adore the formula, brush and colour selection of essie polishes trust me if I could own the whole stand I think I would. I always seem to buy nail polish even though I honestly do not need anymore! But these two colours I just couldn't say no, on the left is Splash of grenadine and on the right is Cute as a button. Both of which are beautiful and are perfect for the summer season I can really see why splash of grenadine is a cult favourite so so good.
Oh collection always such a gem in boots, I have brought so many lasting perfection concealer it's shameful however it is so worth the money provides such a high coverage and well it's a must for anyone. The only thing I will say is it can be slightly drying so make sure you put on a good moisturiser underneath. Secondly is another repurchase my favourite felt tip eyeliner, gives such an intense black eyeliner and is so easy to apply if you are new to the whole eyeliner scene a strong recommend from me. It's also dirt cheap!
I'm not quite sure why everything is in duo's in this post but hey ho. So another two products that have received some very loving reviews and have been strongly recommended. First is the Revlon highlighting palette in rose glow, looks a bit like a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick right? I do love this and have found it to work either just as a conventional highlight or can work all over to provided a natural glow. I also made a cheeky purchase from Soap and Glory and I can say I am in love, I can not get enough of this eyebrow pencil/felt tip. It gives such a natural look but can be built up to give such a strong brow game, all I can say is just go and buy one.
Finally is a fab product from Bourjois, these rouge edition velvet's are something created by the heavens. They stay on all day, they are matte, they don't dry your lips out and come in such good shades (since I have also purchased hot pepper). The two above are Frambourjois and Peach club, I have included swatches to prove that they are indeed different colours and look different on, please trust me!
Wow some money was spent and I'm still not satisfied, there is still more I feel I need. This is bad very bad however it makes me happy so I suppose it can be acceptable. What have you been buying from the drugstore recently?