Friday, 22 August 2014

V Festival // Lifestyle

Today's post is something a little different but I thought I'd share with you. This time last weekend me and 2 of my friends were wondering the arena of V festival all hyped for tomorrow to see some of the biggest names in music at the moment. 
On the Friday night there wasn't that much on at all and after trying and failing at all the things on we finally found the arena open that had all the 16-25 year old's partying to well known dance songs. My favourite kind of scene. So we spent the rest of the night in there with a lovely group of lad's who were very lovely and seemed to think we were 20/21! This ended at 11pm and we made our way back to the tent to prepare for what the next day had ahead for us. 
The Saturday was where it all began, when I sit and think about how many people we saw that day I really do question how we fitted it all in along with a toastie and rissotto break! From what I can remember we saw, Matt Richardson, Jess Glynne, Sam Smith, Nina Nesbitt,Train, Chic (Nile Rodgers), Rudimental, Tinie Tempah, Lily Allen, Jason Derulo and to finish off the night, that semi-famous band from the other side of the pond, The Killers. All I can say was you haven't experienced Mr Brightside until you've heard a crowd of 1000's scream it, trust.  Yep that was just in one day. I have to say for some reason this night we were so so tired and just clocked out straight away, apart from when Hope thought someone was in the tent, false alarm.
The finally day of action, Sunday, was another jam packed day of music goodness and maybe a small bit of food. This day we saw, Fuse ODG, All Saints, George Ezra, Tom Odell, Kaiser Chiefs, The Strypes, Miles Kane, Blondie, Bastille, Ed Sheeran and for me the whole reason to put V Festival above all overs, Mr Justin Timberlake. This night however I feel the Vodka kicked in a bit more as we made some more males friends and attempted to do shots with them but sadly ended up on our own doing shots. Have to say good way to end off the weekend. I shall leave you with a few photos including what I have to say is the most hideous selfie of me  have ever seen. I promise I looked better than that throughout the weekend. I shall re-join you at the end.

So you made it, you may have already seen this photos on Instagram if you follow me @alishaleighb_ cheeky plug). Personal highlights for me were of course Tinie tempah along with Rudimental ( no surprises there) also the Kaiser Chiefs were just amazing really hit it out of the park. Another two to watch are Jess Glynne and George Ezra all I can say is they are both bloody brilliant. The headliner that stole the show for me was definitely Justin Timberlake I mean that man can just do it all and back, honestly an incredible singer/musician and all round performer. 
I have to say this past weekend I so got in the festival vibe and can not wait to do it again next year, maybe attempt a few more or try and work at some. If you are considering doing it then do because it has been one of the best weekends and even though the sun wasn't shinning don't think I have ever laughed/smiled so much in my life. But that may also be down to the two lovely girls I got to spend it with so shoutout's to them @hopepurcell13 and @smithface02 (go follow them on twitter). And that's the end, if you'd like me to put a few posts up about festival fashion or makeup or even hair then comment below! Along with your experiences of festivals and who you've seen!