Saturday, 4 May 2013

review // Real Techniques core collection

Hey guys,
So I think we all know where this is going... It seems to me that everyone and their sister, brother and goldfish have these brushes and just can't seem to get enough of them. Sadly for me where there is a hype, there is me stood there, being a sheep. But in the case of 'The Real Techniques Core Collection' I genuinely have found love. I never really use to be a huge brush person just would use my grubby fingers to whack the make-up onto my face, but slowly I got more and more into them. One day, whilst in Birmingham, I took the plunge and brought these beauties at £21.99. Lets just say its one of the best £21.99 I have ever spent. I find this kit is great to start off your brush collection and join the path of applying make-up better. I love the fact they are synthetic and cruelty free. This makes them feel so soft and makes the application of make-up so easy and smooth. I shall run through each one of the brushes and what I use it for. 
 'The holy grail brush' or sometimes known as the 'Buffing Brush'. This brush is designed to be used for applying powders or minerals but I prefer to use it at my liquid foundation brush. Like many other bloggers I find it gives me a flawless and even application of my foundation. I can see why this brush is so hyped up because it defiantly deserves it.
 Secondly, we have the 'Contour Brush' which is meant to be used to apply highlighter and like the name suggest contour the cheek bone. I use it to apply my blush whether it be cream or powder, I feel it would work best as a contour brush if you were to use bronzer but I haven't found a bronzer for my skin yet! But it does do a brilliant job of evenly blending out my blusher.
 When then have the 'Pointed Foundation Brush' which is designed to be used with liquid foundation. I, on the other hand, use it to blend out my concealer, especially in those hard to reach areas. I love the fact I can use the pointed end to get in the crooks around my nose and then use it flat to blend it over any blemishes.  
Finally we have the brush I use the least the 'Detailer brush'. I find this is a good brush for creating a smokey eye where you don't want the liner to look straight and harsh. It also works well as a lip brush like suggested by Samantha Chapman herself.
Overall I find this an extremely useful kit of brushes that are so versatile and could be used by anybody. They are so soft and well crafted and are a must have for anyone with an interest in makeup. If you don't own these brushes then go, go and get some now! Have you done a post on this collection? Or love them as much as me? Let me know!