Wednesday, 22 May 2013

review // Carmex

Hey guys, 
So today I thought i'd just do a small review on this little tube of goodness. The Carmex lip balm is a much hyped up product that many swear by as their solution for chapped lips. I've been testing this strawberry one out for a few weeks and well it's alright. Now don't take that the wrong way. I do like this lip balm, it defiantly stops my lips from chapping and makes them feel soft.  Which is the aim. On the other hand, a few negatives, the strawberry taste is very brief ( when I mean brief I mean you put it on and bam its gone) so that for me is a let down because what you are left with a is a tingly minty feeling which isn't my favorite  I like fruity things on my lips not mint leafs. But when I overcome this I do enjoy using this product but for me taste is a huge thing when it comes to my lips. So overall I'd give it an 3/5! For the price its defiantly worth a try, at about £2. So have you tried this product out? Or can you recommend any good lip balms in my quest? Let us know!