Saturday, 20 April 2013

review // Space Girl

Hey guys,
So i'm hear today to review this little beauty. How cute is it, a little planet, aw. I just love space so this was right up my street. When I picked out of the box it just smelt like parma violets, if you are unaware of what these are then you had a deprived childhood. I had real high hopes for the little beauty so here's how I got on ...

As you can see it turned my bath water ever so slightly purple, there wasn't really any bubbles, but there was plenty of popping candy. It just wouldn't stop! The smell remained right till the very end. I just I don't know, I just don't really think this was for me. I love exciting, colorful  bubbly baths this was just a 'meh' bath to me. But let me just be clear I don't think this is a bad product at all! I just feel it isn't for me! If you want something plainer or less scary then this is just the one for you! Whats your favourite lush product?Or have you tried this one out and done a review? Let me know!