Saturday, 6 October 2012

September Empties!

So it's the start of a new month and I injure my hand. That's right I sprained my wrist by playing 'pinch punch' with my friend. But also what happens at the beginning of a new month is I chuck out all of my empties and tell you guys all about what I liked and what I didn't!
So firstly we my Hollister Mabla Beach perfume spray which smells beaut me and my friends all have this. I repurchased this pretty much straight away and I have no regrets it's just a lush floral scent for everyday!Secondly we have my Harajuku Lovers  in Sunshine Cuties-G. This is a really nice coconut beach smelling perfume that does last forever! I didn't repurchase this on the basis I want to change perfume and spice things up so I brought DKNY Be Delicious instead. Finally we have some small perfume samples that I got out of my Glossybox's I really didn't get on with most of these due to them smelling of old women. I'm 15 for God sake!
 On the far left we have MarkHill Sexy Straight shampoo. This is an alright shampoo it wasn't terribly awful but at the same time it was nothing to amazing to make we want to go out and buy the full size, therefore I didn't re-buy. In the middle is V05's Ultimate Hold hairspray. This hair is NOT ultimate hold it is awful my hair barley stayed in for the time it took to walk down a flight of stairs! Will never ever buy again! Finally we have Clynol Color&Care Shampoo again a sample out of my Glossybox and I did really like this I don't have colored hair but this shampoo made my hair lovely and soft; The only reason I haven't brought it again is it a little pricey.
 In my make-up/nails section we have some samplers of Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, I have come to the conclusion that after trying many BB creams that they are not for me at all due to have combination skin. Next we have the BarryM Topcoat, this is my favorite clear nail varnish due to the price and the quality you get for you money, again I re-purchased this straight away! Lastly we have BM beauty Bronzer; to start of with I didn't not use this as a bronzer due to how shiny it is, lets just say I don't like to sparkle. I won't be buying this due to it being super messy and not really my cup of tea

Finally we have Sasy n Savy Hand and Nail Repair Creme. This little tube of creme did smell a like old woman a bit but it was a really nice hand creme that my hand un-believable soft which was very nice. I haven't re-brought it because I don't really use hand cremes not quite at that age yet ;D. Last but by no means least is The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter. Which to no surprise smells really strongly of lemons it is so lovely and leaves you body silky soft. I have re-brought this but now I really want the strawberry one! I am banned form buying body butter atm due to having 6 huge tubes of the stuff!

So that's it for my empties this month there isn't many but hey! It just takes me a while to get through stuff which is fine and hopefully next month i'll have a few more things to show you all. So what have you used up this month? Have you found any new favorites this month? Comment let me know! Till next time bye!