Monday, 30 July 2012

Celebrating the Olympics!

First off all I am so so so sorry i haven't updated in like forever and this is such an old post that I have been meaning to do (since the 30th June) so I am sorry and hopefully I'll get back into pattern so I'm planning to review my nicki minaj nail varnish's soon but hey we'll see :) Anyways moving on to the point the other week the Olympic torch was in my area and I was very lucky to win some tickets to go to the Birmingham evening celebrations. Here is an attractive photo of us on the news ;) yeah i'm in the corner when it panned you could clearly see me but my friend was too slow;D
For all you wondering what is this? well basically every evening in certain towns the torch would come in and there would be a concert which is pretty awesome. But this is one of the four special concerts hosted by coca cola (the other 3 were in; Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds). There was also a huge one in London the other week as well but I went to the Birmingham one.There was tons of brilliant acts showcasing whats great about Birmingham even if some were a bit strange. 
The first up we're this pretty attractive dance group called Antics apparently they did really well on Got To Dance or something. They were really good and funny because we we're all screaming and I think they were enjoying having a group of 15 year old girls hooting at them ;D.
Next up were the first of the 'big' live bands they we're a rockish (idek) band called Morning Parade they were pretty good but not really my cup of tea (pardon the pun) after a while me and my friend found ourselves saying when they going to finish it all sounds the same :L but yeah they tried bless them :')
This is when the good stuff that I knew starting coming up. Twist and Pulse with this brilliant DJ and there own little dance crew came out and did a performance and really like got everyone singing and dancing. They we're hilarious and I think everyone just loved it. 
Loick Essien was the next act and the second 'big' artists for you's that think who is he and why do you class him as a good act? well have you ever heard 'How We Roll' ( here for anyone who really doesn't know what I going on about. He was really good and I have seen him before he has a brilliant voice and deserves more re-conistion for how good he really is. He also did a beautiful cover of Chase'N'Status ft Plan B - End Credits, one of my favorite songs (but need not worry it wasn't as good as the original but it was still pretty good).
Little picture for you's of the cauldron being lit and the torch bearer on the left she was so lovely and really deserved to carry that torch; Bless her she fell up the steps :')
Que loud girlish scream ;) Here is what we call came for was the beautiful amazing talent, THE WANTED. Yep I got to these lovelies for free be well jel ;D But on a more serious note they were amazing and i swear down Nathan even blew a kiss to me and my friend :') he also, bless him, pulled this girl up on the stage because she was getting crushed and sang to her it was so sweet (even if I was a bit jel ;D). They were really good and they preformed for like 1hr 30mins which was really good. Also on a little side note I GOT TO TOUCH TOM'S ARM asddgfhgjhkjkl;klkjjhgfdsa. Yeah so that was just a little exciting ;). 
I think I speak for all of us then I say we had a brilliant time. I'm gonna leave with a scary picture of us (minus Abz coz she was breaking down from happiness) and say, have been to any concerts recently let me know and tell me all abut it or even were you here?