Sunday, 17 June 2012

Signed Cd's? Please.

Okay so this is a wee old but hey? why not? basically i'm a sucker for things that have a bit of pen scribbled on aka autographs and after this lovey day where I met the beautiful Lawson and got a few signatures of the band. 
This is like the best photo and it is of the the lovely Joel. Anyways moving on swiftly i decided to buy the signed version of When She Was Mine (WSWM) alongside The Sat's 30 Day's.
Both are absolutely amazing singles and if you do not own them in your life I suggest you do! I would do a track by track thing but because they are singles there is only the song, the b-side and any remix's that are half decent but I may do a track by track for some of the CD's I'm in love with. Anyways what are your thoughts? good or bad singles? was it worth buying the signed edition ? comment below.