Thursday, 1 November 2012

'Pink Friday Roman Reloaded is just like Pink Friday on steroids.'

'Pink Friday Roman Reloaded is just like Pink Friday on steroids.' - Nicki Minaj

Hey guys,
so that quote above is from the lovely Nicki Minaj about her latest tour which I had the privilege to attend last Saturday (27th October) at the LG Arena. To be perfectly honest that quote totally summed it up, she was absolutely amazing! The concert started with a video clip with the must of 'I am your leader' and then the curtain dropped and there was Nicki in a bright pink rocket singing 'Come on a cone'. Her set list was huge and consisted of 5 different sets all of which were bright, amazing and pink! Her singing was just perfection and I don't think I've ever seen a better perform in my life! She constantly interacted with the crowd and really got it all going. Her support acts were Misha B and Tyga, Misha was like so-so not really her biggest fan... at all but Tyga was just on another level. He was flawless and when him and Lil Wayne came out to do the last bit of the set with her I have to admit I was in tears. When she performed her big hits like 'Superbass', 'Starships' and 'Pound the alarm' the place was on fire literally everyone was signing and dancing. We had standing tickets and I'm so glad we got standing because the atmosphere was amazing and we managed to get super close considering we went in with only half an hour to spare. This had to be one of the best concert I have ever ever been too and I would say to everyone thinking about going to go NOW! I'm going to put some photo's below so sorry if you don't like picture heavy posts! Have you been to any concerts recently? Were you there? Let me know! 

ps. did I mention that I have a girl crush on Nicki? oh and if you don't have a girl/guy crush your lying to yourself!