Saturday, 13 April 2013

haul // My last big spend before exams

Hey guys, So I've been shopping again. Don't sound too surprised  So I decided last month i'd do a little bit of shopping of things I don't really need before exams (cough nearly my birthday cough). So picked up a few 'essentials' while walking the streets of Coventry. Lets get crackalickin. So all the stuff, lack for a better word, above I picked up in boots. When I see boots hauls i'm always so envious of people that can just pick anything up whether it be polish, make up or skin care and I have to stick to a budget. #alishaproblems.

So the first thing I picked up was the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in the shade 51. I made a huge mistake I mean't to get the hyped up serum one but picked up the wrong one. But hold your tears, all is well, I have fallen for this foundation very hard. It smells nice, It feels nice, It is just so so nice. 

The next thing I picked up was my beloved Collection 2000 Extreme Felt-tip Liner in 01 Black. I don't have much to say on this other than it's my holy grail eyeliner because for the price you get such an amazing product so if your thinking about starting to do black eyeliner then defiantly try this one out! 

Then I picked up a new mascara in the form of the Rimmel Lash Excelerator Endless. I really like this mascara and even though (by accident) I picked it up in brown, it is amazing at making my lashes longer with the fibers that attach to your lashes. It sounds a bit grim but it's really not. Truly great product. Holla at rimmel.

I then strutted over too the Revlon stand where I stood in ore for over 10 minuets over everything. I want it all. Please. I finally settle on the Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef and a Lip Butter in Tutti Fruiti. Both corals ready for spring to add a bit of colour to my face. I'm really falling for coral it seems to be something that has really became hyped up and well where there is a hype you'll find me. 

The final thing I picked up was actual from Superdrug because they don't stock MUA in boots. Its the the MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer. I really wanted to try a budget eye primer out and well this fitted both requirements so I was like lets just give it a whurl. I don't think its anything as good as the Urban Decay Primer Potion sounds but it defiantly keeps my eye make-up on for longer than normal which is a bonus. 
Then it was only necessary to make a trip to Lush aka one of my favouritest stores ever. I was a good girl and only picked up two little things. The first being the Fizzbanger. I'm not going to go into much detail because I do have a review of this to come in the near future. The other thing I picked up is the Pop In The Bath. I really just loved the smell of this and I wanted to find something that would produce lots and lots of bubbles so this looked like a good choice. 
The final place I went was Newlook and I picked up this pack of 6 rings for a mere £3.50! How good is that?! I'm sorry for my awful hand modeling and the fact my nails are all different lengths. Sorry! But I think for the money they are some lovely rings that I don't think I've taken off since I brought them. Ooops.
Have you made any recent purchases? If so what? Or like me are you just stressing over exams? Because HOLLA.