Saturday, 30 March 2013

selfie // Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Hey guys,
I know another selfie post but this post was just a brain wave to me and well when genius sparks I can't put that fire out. Okay that was an odd thing to say. Anyways I'm sure you have all heard of good 'old Macklemore and hopefully some of you will know who Ryan Lewis is. Famous for his song 'Thrift Shop'
Which we all know and love very much. But did you know he has so much more to offer. Like seriously. One day I thought you know what lets listen to some of his other works of the album 'The Heist' (which he created with his producer Ryan Lewis). I think I've found a new love, in Macklemore. Seriously you all need to go and have a listen to his other songs because they are just as good as Thrift Shop and really deserve some recognition. I just want to say, I'm not some indie hipster I don't go looking for the most hipster songs I can find to be 'cool'. I really love the mainstream stuff and then if I hear someone I like I sort of venture of into a world of unknown and then that's when I come along different songs. Anyway so my definite new favorite is a song called 'Can't Hold Us' its so upbeat and jolly and just screams summer/spring so here it is: 
I absolutely love this song and I hope I can tell as many people about it because this song needs to be on everyone's summer playlists because it is smokin'. Oh god I just said that. But on a more serious note, I really like Macklemore he is an amazing rapper and I feel that he just appeals to so many people especially those, who unlike me, aren't the biggest fans of rappers. So go check him out you may find something you love!
Have you made any recent music discovery's? If so let me know!