Thursday, 14 February 2013

selfie // Partying!

Hey guys, so today I thought i'd share a little something different with you to sort of explain the lack of post and maybe give you a little insight to my life. God knows why you'd want that! Anyways over the last few weekends I've been to a few urm get together's ie Parties! I'd have to say it's only very recently that I've been enjoying house parties I used to be very pessimistic about them but I had a sudden change of heart after loosening up a bit and just having a bit of fun! Anyways I found that actually I really love going to them. I like dancing to some of my favorite songs and singing them ridiculousness loud and out of tune! I also love talking to people that I never thought I would purely because I thought they were 'socially superior' which is a load of bull. But seriously if you ever get invited to one don't sit there and think its a big lets drink loads thing! Because you know that's what some people do but not all they are actually super fun and you just end up having a great laugh! I'm going to leave you with some, well, lets say attractive photo's enjoy!