Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar // Day 1

Hello my lovelies, 
So I haven't really been that regular with posts and for that I'm sorry and well new year new start. With no time like the present I'm going to change my ways this month. As you can see one of my early Christmas presents was the Boots Beauty Advent Calenders and this month I shall do a miniature review of each product every day of this month, well until it finishes. That's right 24 days of little review and maybe a few extra posts in between. Exciting times lie ahead so without further ado lets get cracking!
So day number 1 left me with no disappointment, that's right a Soap and Glory miniature. This body wash has that classic Soap and Glory scent that we all know and love. It lathers up and leaves the skin not only feeling clean but silky smooth and refreshed. There is a Soap and Glory body wash for everyone, so if you haven't given this one a go then its a definite must! Another plus about this product is that it is very fairly priced and well the sample size is fair, so you can really judge if you enjoy it. What i'm trying to say is that it's not a pathetic packet sample! So day 1 was pretty exciting, just you wait for the other 23 days!