Saturday, 23 March 2013

review // Mumkin

Hey guys, today i'm here to talk to you about this little bundle of goodness. Isn't it just the cutest little bath product. Got to love Lush. If you are unaware of what ^that is, it's called a Mumkin and not even Lush really knows what it is. It smells utterly divine and I just couldn't wait to crumble this little baby into the bath. So this is what happened ...

As you can see the water gained a sort of orange/pink tone to it nothing too bright or scary like another product I shall be talking about! A fair amount of bubbles were produced but not as much as I was expecting considering I used the whole thing but the Comforter just gives you these ridiculous expectations. The smell was really nice, sort of sweet and fruity. But it wasn't over powering its very subtle and with the nice hot steam cleansing your face it just sends you into pure relaxation. I really enjoyed using this and I wish it was an all year round product! Have you tried this Mumkin? Or do you have another Lush favourite? Let me know!