Tuesday, 26 March 2013

selfie // I saw this boyband you may have heard of them?

Hey guys,
So this another one of those post where I tell you little anecdotes of my life. Lucky you! Anyways on Friday 22nd March 2013, me, my friend Alex, her sister Livvi, her cousin Alannah and her other cousin Immi went to the Lg Arena see some boy band you may have heard of called One Direction. You know the biggest selling boy band at the moment. I don't know their a little low key but. Oh look at me trying to be funny. Yeah we have all heard of them! They were amazing. We booked the tickets over a year ago and by the time the night came me and lexa didn't really feel the hype that much. But when we got to our seats (urm 13 rows from the front may I add) we were absolutely buzzing for it. They performed all of their big hits as well as songs of both their albums. They even had a B-stage which urm 4 FRICKIN ROWS AWAY FROM. If it would have been quite we could have had a full blown conversation. They traveled from stage to stage on a platform that went across the audience. Urm Zayn, Liam and Louis may have waved at us and zayn even added a cheeky smile. and i'm just really calm about that. Oh god look at me exposing my directioner side. Help. I love them too much considering i'm meant to love rap. Oh sweet Jesus! Well before I make any more of a mess of myself here are some pictures from the evening. Oh did I mention the support act (5 Seconds of Summer) were just hot okay. I'm going. 

Have you been to any gigs recently? Or did you, like me, see these cheeky little fellows?