Friday, 15 June 2012

Birthday 2k12

So basically i'm trying my best too keep this a short as possible but anyways on with this haul thing well I don't know if thats what I should call it? idek. but anyways this is exactlly a week late my birthday was 8th june for anyone who can't do the maths ;) here is what i got -
So this is what I got and I so happy and thankful for everything and everyone. I would be here for ages if I was to like post a photo and talk about everything but I am really really grateful! So anyways let start!

You can see that I got, The Midnight Beast book, Tom Daley- My Story, Cupcake book, Why Does E=mc2 and why should we care, How to teach quantum physics to your dog. So far I have flicked through the cupcake book which looks amazing and I can't wait to try some and I have finshed Tom Daley (yes, it had me in floods of tears).

So here I got, House season 7, Sherlock Holms, The Wanted-Battleground, Skrilex-Bangarang, Nicki Minaji- Pink Friday Roman Reload Deluxe Edition. I've listened to all of the cd's and they are brilliant so pleased with all of them but i'm just a wee bit biased due to loving them all! I've watched a few episodes of House and whoooooo ;) and I'm waiting for like a weekend to sit and watch Sherlock but it looks great again!

I clearly do not have a bit of an obession with Tinie Tempah ;) anyways I got, a Disturbing London t-shirt, a Tinie Tempah top from Topshop, a pretty scarf and purse and an Owl Kigu! I am super happy (yes again) with like everything I have wore it all and as we speak I am in the kigu ;D 

Overall this has been an amazing birthday and I can't describe how greatful I am of everything and I certainly will get a use ou of it all. What are your views and would you like me to do a review on anything?