Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jack Wills.

Hey guys,
So today is a very big day drum roll please ......
I actually brought something from jack wills! After many years of wondering in and looking at there lovely stuff finally today while walking around the lovely town of Stratford I decide to have a mooch. Then this lovely pair of flip-flops caught my eye and i just couldn't resist.
Look at them. I can't wait for the sun to get back so i can get the wear out of these especially when i og on holiday they are just perfect. They are really sturdy and thick and I mean for only £14.50 (yes this is Jack Wills we are talking about) I just couldn't say no. The cashier wasn't to bad either ;) bless him he was really sweet but I think they're paid to be. ohwell!
Anyways what are your views let me know.