Friday, 12 October 2012

last sunday night?

hey guys,
don't you just love the poorly named title I tried to be cool and take some Katy Perry thing and switch it up but anyways. As promised but maybe a little later that expected I have a very different post today for y'all last weekend I got to go to the ... TEEN AWARDS in London! I went down with me and 5 friends and we sat in two threes confusing right just to make it worse another 4 of my friends went and then my other friend went with her swifties. To put it bluntly a lot of my friends went down. It was an amazing day where I got to see people like; fun., Little Mix, Ne-Yo, Conor Maynard, Taylor Swift and last but not least One Direction. Along with these lovely acts there were many other celebrities there and in general it was an amazing day. I'll leave you with a few snaps and just to say we also met nana Pat who is Christopher Maloney's gran of the X-Factor.
So have you been anywhere exciting over the last few months or plan to go to any gigs this month? let us know!