Friday, 5 October 2012

Boots/Drugstore Haul!

Hello young wiper-snappers,
Today I shall be showing you my little haul that was done the other weekend that I just keep meaning to do but keep putting off because of school. Being in year 11 is like work overload and stressy but it's cool i'm getting the hang off it all. Because of this I am able to come back to my lovely little blog and post a ton of stuff! yay ! Onto Boots!

Here we have three lovely BarryM nail varnishes the one on the far left is called 'Grey', middle one is just their Topcoat, Base-coat and Hardener and the far right one is called 'Mushroom' what a cute name? I absolutely love BarryM as a brand and their nail varnishes are just amazing. I find myself just constantly buying every color in the them because even though they are like £2.99-£3.99 they are such good quality defiantly if your on a budget like me!

Here we have the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in True Ivory which is exactly the same as my Wake Me Up foundation which I am in love with. I have been looking for the perfect concealer for ages and after falling in love with Rimmel's foundation I thought i'd give this a shot. I did look at the famous Collection 2000 concealer but I really couldn't get the right shade and when I saw this was on offer I just had to buy it. It works so well and blends amazingly so you don't get that undesirable 'cakey' look. I am so glad I brought this!

Lastly we have the Natural Collection blush and I'm not quite sure of the shade so i'll back to you on that but the picture does not do it any justice! It is a lovely mute shade of pink that really adds a nice tone of pink to your cheeks to create a flawless look. After my £6 Topshop blush ran out I felt the need to quickly replace it but due to this being an expensive month for me I needed something a little on the cheap side and this was the answer at £1.99! I shall be defiantly be buying a few more shades of this just because of it quality for the price. Super impressed and really recommend that every girl has one of these!

Overall I feel that I had a very successful trip to Boots also I forgot to mention my mother dearest brought some stuff from No7 including the new foundation service which again is amazing they were really lovely and matched her skin perfectly. The only downside is that it in the higher end of the Boots stuff so therefore a little pricey but if you have the money then go for it! So what have your purchases been recently? Got any good hidden finds? Let me know by commenting below!