Sunday, 28 October 2012

review:Elf Studio Blush And Bronzer Duo

Recently I was very luck in wining a lovely bronzer and blush duo from I so happy to receive it and when it came it was all I talked about. Now its arrived what do I think of it?
Well I LOVE it I've been meaning to try out elf products for ages and I think most people got sick of it. The blusher is a lovely pink shade which is super pigmented meaning that you can really vary it from a light coverage right up to a high coverage. The same goes for the bronzer as well I feel I may not use the bronzer as much as the blusher just purely because of how pale I am but both are really lovely. I'm so happy to have found a new blusher/bronzer to try out and if I decide to re-purchase it will defiantly be in range! Thank you so much to and please everyone go follow their blog now! Have you guys won any competitions recently? if so what? tell me all about it by commenting below!