Friday, 5 October 2012

OPI are they worth the buck?

So I'm a complete sucker for new nail polish isn't it just the best to have lovely colorful nails any ways without going to far of topic I recently (*cough* two months ago*cough*) brought some OPI nail varnishes to see whether there was reason behind the hype. So after looking at all possible options I decided on the Nicki Minaj Mini's. The colors included in the set were; Did It On 'Em, Pink Friday, Fly and Save Me. All of which are really exciting colors that defiantly reflect Nicki! *FUN FACT I'm seeing the awesome Nicki Minaj on 27th October! Now I have shared that lets move on.

Did It On 'Em
This is a greeny-yellow color which is borderline neon. When I first ordered this set I wasn't too in love with this color and thought it wouldn't be really that nice and be the least used. But now it has really started to grow on me and I'm sure i'll find some awesome use for this polish! The consistancey is quite thick and a lil streaky nothing a few coats can't sort!

Pink Friday
What a gorgeous shade of pink? I've been looking for a beautiful shade just like this for a very long time and I think I may have found the answer. It's a little opac and thick at the same time if that makes any sense but again nothing a few coats can't make it into the perfect baby pink shade. 
This isn't the most inD color in the mix but i'm not really an indie girl so I don't really give a damn, I have no exciting blue's like this in my collection. I really love this color and this is easily my favourite out the bunch I love blues and teal so right up my street. Again I used 3 coats to get a good color and I think i'll end up using this one the most purely because i <3 blue!
Save Me
The final Quartet I this lovely bar glitter polishes. Glitter has been all the rage this year and I along with many others have been sucked into this craze and now have another glitter to add to the collection. Not that i'm complaining! This type of glitter is different to your standard glitter because the added bars and I think it so awesome and again really represents Nicki! Lately I have been using it over different colors just on my ring fingers (a little trick I picked up from other beauty bloggers!). Again I would advise 3 coats if it is being used on its own but if over a color i'd say about 2!

So have you tried any OPI nail varnishes? If so what colors and what did you think of them? Let me know below!