Sunday, 13 January 2013

haul // I can't stop.

 Hey guys, 
As you can probably guess I've been hauling again. I don't mean too I just can't help myself. As we speak I have another Lush parcel to pick up at the mail bank place. I love buying things and last Saturday was no exception as you can see I got a few beauty related things. I also got a few other bits and pieces but they are not exciting the only thing missing from this picture that I wish I'd have snapped a photo of was some hair dye I picked up from superdrug. If you're interested it's the Garnier Nutriesse in Iced Coffee. So lets see what else I picked up!
The first place I went was to the shop were normally I commit the most sin, yes that's right boots, I just want it all! But I managed to somehow convince myself that I only came in for an eyeliner. Surprisingly I only left with the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner and the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. That's only TWO things! Yay! The only reason I did pick up the balm was because Revlon have an offer where they are only a fiver atm so hurry up and get your's; I'm so glad I got mine and it shall be reviewed.
My latest place where money has no value it Lush, this shop just makes me want to buy everything and anything even if I don't really need it! The staff there are just so lovely and great too you, I find it's just so hard to say no to them. So I ended up leaving with The Comforter (I get the hype.), Dragons Egg, Ickle Baby Bot, Eau Roma Water Toner Water and an Emotional Brilliance in Focus. Yep that's it. But I also have one little treat on its way to me in the post so stay tuned ;). All three bath products should have full reviews up soon but so far they have all been brilliant and I just want more! I brought the Emotional Brilliance due to that big sticker of 50%. This sort of thing never happens and I just had to snap one up. The lady in there read my colors and this was one of the colors, I just had to have it purely because it's so versatile  It's mean't to be use as an eye shadow but also I can put it my hair as a non-permanent dip dye! I brought the toner because i'd heard so many good things about it and well I sort of needed one too.  
The final place I went was good 'old Debenhams I was wondering around the Benefit-bareMinerals-Urban Decay area when I spotted this and I had to have it. It's the Scene Stealer by bareMinerals at only £13.00 that's about £3.25 a product! Very cray! Anyway in this little box of joy is a black eyeliner, prime time eye shadow, a pretty amazing lip gloss and an eye make-up remover. All the colors are really wearable (no crazy ones in there or end of lines). It's a really lovely gift set. I ended up only paying £3 for this because I had a £10 voucher of my granddad for Christmas so thanks granddad! I'm so glad I found this treasure and it just makes me want to buy more of there products, a full review will be up in the next few weeks! 
What are your recent purchases? Found any gold in the sale? Let us know!