Friday, 4 January 2013

offer // L'orieal Free Gift

Hey guys,
I feel I might be putting this post up at little later than I should have done because when I took a trip into boots it was no longer running which is just really sad. Anyways if you're confused about what i'm going on its the gift set I received from L'Oreal for spending over £15 on their products called 'Dress Up In Diamonds'. I mentioned this in my last but one post and I absolutely love this set! First of all in the set is the Volume Million Lashes Diamantissme, which is a lovely mascara but I passed it on too my mum as she was in need of a new one! Secondly was a lipstick in the shade Diamantissme also there was a nail polish in the shade Diamantissme. The lipstick is an deep red shade with a hint of shimmer, which is brilliant for over the winter season. The nail polish is a topcoat shade which looks amazing over most plain nail polishes to add some shimmer to polish. The set also came with a small tub of the Revitalift 10 Total Repair again I passed it over too mum because I had no need for it but she loves it and says a small bit defiantly goes a long way!
Did any of you pick up this gift? Whats your favorite thing in the set?