Tuesday, 15 January 2013

review // Lush Dragons Egg

 Hey guys, 
Today I'm here to tell you about this little wonder that I picked up in Lush in my huge haul that involved me spending a heck of a lot of money but was totally worth it! If you are unfamiliar with the thing I appear to be holding it is Lush's Dragon Egg a bath ballistic with to say is exciting is an understatement  So without further ado you know the drill this is what happened when I 'threw' it into my bath!

As you can see a very exciting bath ballistic indeed! First of all it fizzle quite slowly creating a fluffy, bubbly layer which just smelt like bliss. While this was happening little 'scales' of a variety of colors were falling of everywhere it was brilliant. Then the next layer was revealed and the ballistic fizzled even more and orange 'egg' was pushed all around my bath tub and I thought 'oh this is nice but I still don't get the hype' and then it happened. GOLD GLITTER I REPEAT GOLD GLITTER EVERYWHERE. Yeah I think that's been summed up. It smelt very citrusey, I think grapefruit, with a nice tinge of Jasmine in there. A lovely uplifting bath for anyone, you can buy it online here. A worth while investment it may be a bit pricey but just see it as a little indulgent treat to yourself ;) Have you brought anything from Lush recently? Or tried Dragons Egg out? Let us know!