Friday, 22 February 2013

haul // This shop will be the death of me.

Hey guys,
Yes. We all know where this is going. I have fallen so hard for Lush that I find myself buying and buying from them to the point where I ask mum to buy and buy things from Lush so I can try them. I really don't think this is healthy but hey it smells so good and is all good for me, so it has to be okay? Right? Anyways I made my first online order and picked up only one thing as such and it was half price so that's allowed! This is the ever so lovely 'House Of Fun' gift set so I shall go through everything in this little box of joy!
So the first thing I pulled out of this amazing smelling box was the 'Whoosh Shower Jelly' which is basically what it says on the tin, a shower jelly. This smells utterly divine with a wake me up feel to it. This may be down to the lemon, grapefruit and lime juice within it but sweet Jesus this smells frickin amazing! The next thing I stumbled upon was 'The Rocket Reusable Bubble Bar'. Now I have a review of this coming up so not too many spoilers but I wouldn't use the term 'reusable' with it. It smells very woody and much more mature than anything else within this house box but it still has that funess to it. 
I then was reunited with an old friend the 'Party Popper'. I LOVE this bath product and I did a lovely review of it here. It's not a bubbly but it does produce a lovely smelling bath with lots of confetti to celebrate the new year! I used this bad boy the other day and I feel in love again such a shame it is only around in the festive season :(. Lastly in the box was 'Space Girl'. I think this one of the most common things from Lush and it is available all year long. Personally I wasn't that excited by it but it did smell really good with all the citrus smells within it. I also am a sucker for gimmicks and well popping candy defiantly classes as a gimmick so ...
I think this was one of the best Christmas sets knocking around at Lush an I managed to pick it up in the sales! But do not dispare two items are available all year round and are both very reasonably price. Have you picked anything up from Lush recently? Or maybe just got your eye on the whole shop like me?  Let me know!