Friday, 1 February 2013

review // Soap and Glory Shower Trip

(sorry for the poor photo's it's due to getting home late and the darkness and sorry!)
 Hey Guys,
I pretty sure by now many of you would have seen this lovely set from soap and glory. I managed to pick up 'Shower Trip' for £9 in the Boots sale and too say i'm in love well. You get 6 miniatures and a luther in a lovely s&g bag. Some of these products are my cult classics and some are new to me and I can't wait to test them out. The products I am familiar with include; 'The Righteous Butter', 'Hand Food' and 'Scrub Of Your Life'. All of which I really enjoy and having these smaller sizes are going to be so useful, they all have that recognizable 'Soap and Glory' smell that you could spot a mile off. So that leaves; 'Clean On Me' a shower gel which really lathers up, 'Calm One Calm All' a bubble bath which to be honest I haven't really tried much due to have masses of Lush products so Lush is to blame as ever and last but not least 'Girligo' a moisterising  spray which I think is lovely maybe i'm just a sucker for the gimmick of being able to spray it instead of having to dip my fingers in a tub! Overall I am in love with this set I have gotten so much use out of that bag and the products are to die for! I really want to try the hot cloth cleanser, peaches clean cleanser and the sugar crush scrub! Have you brought this set? Or if not what are your soap and glory cult classics?