Friday, 22 February 2013

review // My First Mac

Hey guys,
I have reached an exciting moment in my life and well I simply can not contain my excitement. If you hadn't guess by the photo or the title I got MY FIRST MAC LIPSTICK. Yes. It has happened and I think it was one of the best moments of my life. Okay maybe that was the over kill but I have to share this with you. 

 More pictures of the packaging because its just hot okay. If MAC lipsticks were a person they would be the pretty popular girls that everyone wanted to be friends with. It's the truth.
 Can you guess the colour hmmm? ;)
If you guessed Plumful then you were very right indeed. Yes I caved in on this stunning plumy colour with alight red/pink undertone to it. It has a lovely, thick, creamy consistency to it that makes it a dream to apply. The color lasts about 3/4 without re-applying which is pretty impressive and I have no complaints in pulling this bad boy out to re-apply. I'm like 'Yes, admire my MAC lipstick, envy it'. Okay it's getting a little weird i'm sorry but I know that it is a fact that everyone that loves make-up feels this obsessed when they get their first MAC lipstick! What was your first shade? Or, if like me till a few days ago you haven't managed to get one of these God sends yet, what color would you buy? Let me know!