Monday, 17 December 2012

haul // LUSH

Hey guys! This shop is my absolute weakness I just want to buy everything especially the cute little Christmas gift set. Aw so cute ;). But because it so near to the festive season I had to restrict myself to a few little things but me and my friends so wanted to buy these color things that you can put on your eyes, lips, cheeks and even you're hair! They would have set us back £14.95 each. Ouch. Anyways on to what I actually brought!
First of all I pick us this little white ball of goodness. It's called So White and cost £3.20. It has thee strongest appley scent ever and that is coming from me that can't smell a thing. Damn chemistry ruining my smell! Anyways I can defiantly smell this as its all I have been able to smell in my room. Apparently you're meant to throw against the side of the bath and its meant to reveal a colorful center! I'm so excited to use this and i'm planing on using it as a Christmas Eve treat!
The next thing I brought I have been lusting over for months and months but always thought maybe it's a tad pricey but I finally gave in and i'm so glad I did! I got the Bubblegum Lip Scrub for £5.25. It smells so good as well as tasting amazing I could eat this all day, though I not advise that. This scrub is brilliant at removing all the nasty dry skin off of your lips leaving them nice and smooth. I normally apply my EOS afterwards just to keep that softness for longer! Lots of people say that you can just make you're own but they don''t last that long and taste no where near as good as this, everyone should have a little pot of the goodness!
My final purchase form LUSH was this colorful looking figure. It's the Party Popper bath bomb costing £2.95. I used this the other night so that review should be up in the next few days so I don't want to go into so much detail but this had to be one the most exciting bath bombs ever! It does what it says on the tin it's an absolute party popper. It blasts all over your bath revealing beautiful pinks and blues as well as some 'Soap Confetti'. You can use these little fragments to bath with and it's just heaven! But more of that is too come!

Have you brought anything recently from LUSH? If so what and has it got you into the festive season? Let us know!