Thursday, 14 August 2014

April Birchbox // Beauty Box

Today we make it into the beginning of spring with April's Birchbox, I also make it over half way through the week. Time flies ay, today's my results day so fingers crossed to future me on those, I'm sure we shall be able to judge what  got from my tweets @takecarealisha (cheeky plug there). However back to the box, no theme this month as such so lets just get cracking ... 
First product and if I'm honest when I first grabbed it I honestly thought it was a another bottle of shower gel. However fear not for the first time in beauty box history we have got a full sized shampoo! I think full size's of things like this are just better because something like a shampoo you need to try for a long period of time to begin to see results. This smells so lovely and like I would want to put it through my hair. Also well done Birchbox for including a product suitable for all hair types!
Next product I'm a little puzzled by, first of all I will say how chuffed I am that it is organic I always love very natural products. But I just have no clue how to use this, I've read some things that say use this to cleanse and some to moisturize and some even say it's a healing balm. However in all honesty I really don't have a clue. So I feel maybe a little experimentation maybe needed to find the best purpose of this for me.
Love love love this. Such a clever idea of a sample, the full size is a pallet of size so they sent out a small size of one that would be suitable for most skin tones so people can test the formula and well fall in love. The balm has such quirky packaging and some amazing products for pretty reasonable prices, I'm always so happy to see them in boxes and especially in the Birchbox store for me to buy with my points *insert smirk face emoij*
Another make-up product, so defiantly a thumb's up from me. I've started to hear quite a lot about Lord & Berry and have been intrigued to try their products so I'm glad to receive an item that I know a lot about and will be able to put to the test. Again a nice black eyeliner would be great for any gal or maybe guy.
Final product of this box is such a pretty nail polish, you got given the choice at the beginning of the month which colour you would like and obviously I choice this stunning shimmery baby blue. Such a pretty colour and just apply's nicely, 2 coats and you're ready to go.

I was so impressed with this months box and just was excited to try everything out. I guess the best thing was it was all things I could use with a strong mixture of brands and products to make a strong box.