Wednesday, 13 August 2014

March Birchbox // Beauty Box

It's day 3 and we've managed to trot into the month of March. The most exciting thing about this box was that it was created with the huge designer Lulu Guinness. The products them selves where choices of her's and the box had a cute slip cover over it. I love when Birchbox does these collab's because in all honesty they are normally the best of the boxes! Now lets have a good ox what is inside shall we ... 
Every girl always needs a handy bit of hand cream on the go and well this is just the cutest little one. The smell is divine, I've never smelt anything like this or as good to go on my hands. Not just having pretty pink packaging and a beautiful scent this product also performs well by sinking into your hands quickly not leaving you with a greasy feeling.  It's a well known and top notch brand so it's just a great sample to receive. 
Another time seeing benefit but I am not complaining. It such a good brand which is high end but still within an affordable bracket. The best thing is their samples, I feel unlike some other brands they do really represent the product you'll receive. This is no exception, such a good make-up product to include because it appeals to a lot of people and you can't be disappointed with the shade you get. It's a great eye primer leaving your eye make up in place for a good chunk of the day. A bit of advice, a small bit goes a long way.
Yay, another brand  have heard of, I really do like receiving brands I've at least heard of because I feel like its worth the money of the box. Korres is such a lovely brand and if you've never tried or used any of the products then it is a serious must. Using natural ingredients and the Greek background makes for some luxurious goodness. Again the smell of this is just on point and I can't wait to try this product out but if it's like any other Korres products then wow.
The final product (apart from the stick of rock) is this perfume sample from English Laundry. I'm not the hugest fan of perfume samples but I suppose I can let this one slide as the rest of the box is so on point. My mum adored this scent however I found it very old womany, however it must appeal to some people.

So that's the end of this months box and after tomorrow we shall be half way through this week.  All  all it's going very well lets just hope there is more goodness to come. I just hope you are all enjoying my little series.