Saturday, 16 August 2014

June Birchbox // Beauty Box

It's the weekend!!!!!!! Tonight I get to see THE FREACKIN KILLERS, so but I can not play that cool, far far to excited for it! However that is not what we are hear to discuss. June's Birchbox was a sort of special edition with the bag that resembles the Brazil flag because of the world cup. I think the aim of the box was to incorporate brands from around the world. Hmm ... ( also an FYI a product is missing because at the time I took the photo's it was in my shower, its a silk and honey hair mask)
So first product is from a brand I have very good things about and it originates in France however I'm sure it is stocked in boots these days. Basically it is meant to be a good moisturizer and having dry skin means that anything that says moisturizing makes me want to layer it on my skin so good start.
Next product is from Spain and a natural & organic brand, Birchbox you do me good. A body lotion however is neither a hit nor a miss, I mean it's nice to have however it's nothing special or exciting to try especially when there is no scent at all to it. I mean it all does the same job.
Next is another French brand that I see circulating the beauty boxes often however I have used products from them and have enjoyed them so I keep an open mind. When I opened this lipstick I was so excited to see a beautiful coral shade, however I re-read the card to see it was sheer. I love a pigmented lipstick however I have worn this a few times and it does give a natural coral colour to the lip's and has changed my mind slightly on sheer lipsticks.
Final product is from the USA and is a brand I'm sure we've all heard of yep OPI. I have done a post a year ago or maybe 2 about OPI's and I do have to say I like them however they do carry a price tag that maybe I'm not so fond of however this pink is a cute colour and I can deffo see me wearing it!

That wraps up the June box, I found it okay, I mean there was nothing wrong with it at all however I just didn't get as excited as maybe some other boxes I had received in the past. Do you see where I'm coming from?