Friday, 15 August 2014

May Birchbox // Beauty Box

One more day to the weekend and by now I shall be at V Festival with my girlies eek so exciting! So yes all these posts are scheduled but hey that's fine just means I've had more time to perfect them! So Friday gives us a very exciting box from May that was a collab with Bazaar. Can we just take a moment for how pretty this box is, please, anyways we should focus on the more important things ie what's inside!
We have seen the brand beauty protector before and if i'm correct some of their products are Birchbox exclusive so I have a feeling we might see a few more pop up again. However they are a nice brand and this set is suitable for all hair types and I mean everyone washes their hair right? 
Again we've seen Benefit before however I am not complaining because this mascara is out of this world and that't not just me following the blogger hype. It genuinely deserves it, after winning award after award this really does wonders to everyone lashes the only problem is getting the thing off! However I do feel everyone should give this mascara ago and this is defiantly the perfect way to do so!
A brand I haven't heard much about but after being in this box I suddenly seem to hear loads and loads about. It's a lovely nail polish and I saw some other colour's floating around that would have been so much better however it's still good and I will find a way to embrace the sheer nail polish a little more.
Yep you saw that correctly. A sample size of that cleanser that even people on Mars are using and writting outstanding review about. I have to admit I squeled a little bit when I saw this. I've been dying to get on this hype and see truly what all the fuss is about over this cleanser. I think it's so good as well that they included a muslin cloth with it so you can get the full experience. 
Final product is so little and cute! I'm so happy to get this because at first when I saw it I was annoyed at yet another perfume sample however I was surprised to Aromatherapy in a Birchbox. I can't wait to the colder winter months to pour this into my bath and well have the bath of my life and all that  stress leave my muscles. Ooo.

I'm so chuffed that this collab was a success and wasn't just an excuse to send petty sizes of crap no one has heard of yes I'm looking at you Glossybox. But honestly I think at this point it might be fair to say this has been my favorite box so far. Bold statement to end on there.