Monday, 11 August 2014

January Birchbox // Beauty Box

What do you know it's the first day of my massive cover-up scheme for being lazy. It's the January Birchbox! This was the first box I received and I was so chuffed with everything that was inside, really had got my money's worth, with a good mix of brands I knew and loved as well as one's I'd never heard of. Lets go through them one by one shall we. Also I have linked all the products the Birchbox store so you can see the price etc.

This little balm claims to basicaly be everything in one. It can be used to cleanse and remove all the make up off your face, as your daily cleanser or just as a general healing product. All the ingredients are 100% natural so no nasty's in here. All in all a cute little sample that I just haven't got round to trying!
Being the UK's number 1 selling primer, it's not to have heard of this product. I am already a huge fan of this primer and was so chuffed to see it in my Birchbox, a travel size is never a bad thing in my opinon. I love the silky feel this gives my skin to allow my foundation to just glide over. Little insider tip, if your skin isn't looking as glowy and fresh as you'd like then mix this with a bit of Benefit's That Gal for the most amazing base. I'll let you have that one for free!
This is just an nice hand cream really. Its ingredients are all natural  and organic to make it a little special from anything normally avaliable however to me hand cream, ie they are either good or not. This one falls nicely into the good category and makes a perfect little handbag size. Not the most exciting of products however nothing wrong with it.
I'm a huge face mask girl, I love the feeling they give to my skin and the deep cleanse they can offer is to die for. As I don't have the most fixed of skincare routines I'll happily try anything especially if it claims to give this dry skin some well needed nourishment.
Yep, it's that cult beauty product that is loved by all including many famous faces. Such a great product to receive in a box, just enough to see whether you do truly like the product and decided whether you will splurge which I think in most cases is a definite, yes, yes and a yes.

As you can tell I really did love January's box, such a good mix between all different types of products and brands, nothing to complain about here. So that ends day 1 roll on day 2!