Tuesday, 12 August 2014

February Birchbox // Beauty Box

Day number 2 and we move lovingly on to the month of February. Again another exciting box and mix of brands. After this month I started collecting those bags the products come in such a genius idea of a way to package it. Very chic and not tacky at all. Instead of me rambling about the packaging shall we just move on to what was inside.
A lovely brand, with the face of Alexa Chung to it. Who doesn't love a simple black eyeliner that anyone could give a go and gives a good intense black colour. I absolutely love this pen style of eyeliner I find them so easy to work with and I'm able to nail the cat eye nearly every time. 10/10 of product and if you look at the price, well it's worth the box alone.
Everyone showers so who can complain about getting a new shower gel to try, especially when the brand is as chic as this. Normally found in the high end hotel rooms and now in my bathroom this shower gel lathers beautifully and has such a musky scent that could appeal to both men and women alike. Thumbs up here.
Another product that's meant to do it all in one while not infecting your skin with any artificial nasties. I love organic products purely for the appeal of the ingredients that are put in and all the natural cure for skin issues. I find they tend to work better than the fake stuff and leave the skin with a good glow. Another top notch product.
Another full size, defiantly spoiling me there. Leighton Denny polish are so so so good, the colour pay off, the application and most importantly the longevity of them is just out of this world. I like the fact I received this black colour because it won't go out of trend and can have so many uses in terms of nail art.
Final product, and it's so cute and small. It's a beautiful smelling hair oil that claims to not just nourish those dead ends, oops, but also protect them against further wear and tear they may suffer. A little goes a long way with hair oils so I'm sure I'll be able to get many goes out of this!

So that's day 2 concluded and the end of February, this was another consistent back that had the amazing range of products/brands. Another thing to point out is how these boxes make their money back up, easily, a definite worthwhile investment.