Sunday, 17 August 2014

July Birchbox // Beauty Box

july birchbox
So by now I will have seen the Killers and now be getting excited about seeing the man himself, yep Justin Timberlake. That man is heaven. However more importantly it's a sleepy Sunday and we are sadly on our last day of our Birchbox week. Yep this is July ... 
First thing actually doesn't count towards the products in the box just a cute little extra and its this coconut water with a splash of lemonade in. I tried a bit of this and just couldn't work out whether I really like it or not, defiantly an odd taste but worth giving a go as it is very refreshing.
So the first actual product is from that high end brand again. I love baths as many of you may know so getting anything to put in my bath from these boxes is such a perk for me and when it smells as fancy and good as this then well no one can complain. Bit of advice for those of you that don't have baths, you can put this on the floor of your shower as its ruining for well a heavenly experience! 
Right they say don't judge a book by it's cover however I find it hard not to with this product I really thing the purple tube looks cheap and like something I would have used when I was 9. Moving that aside it does have a relaxing lavender smell that doesn't smell too grannyish but I feel this may go to my mum instead. Body lotion in a box doesn't quite do it for me.
Oh balance me I don't I've ever payed for one of your products however that pleases me a lot as they are always so good to use and have such great results! A full or near full size of eye cream is always welcome by me as I am the queen of dark circles under my eyes as I never seem to get that much sleep. So please eye cream do wonders for me!
Is it just me that feels like this box is full of brands that pop up in beauty boxes a heck of a lot. However weleda is a brilliant German brand that some top notch celebrities swear by and I mean if it's good for them and their perfect hair,skin and face well it's good enough for me. I'm actually quite excited to give this ago and well shampoo normally doesn't get me that excited.
Finally product and I just wish I got the other colour so badly because I LOVE the product, being a huge fan of the glossy stick concept it isn't hard to win me over the whole crayon thing. However this purple is just so pigmented that I just can not pull it off to my disappointment and this is coming from the girl that wears bright red casually. Oh well i'm sure I shall find a way!

So that's it, the week is done and boy has it been hard writing a post everyday. I can not promise that this will continue however I am aiming to get 2/3 post up a week as well as focusing on my A2 studies so it might be a tight squeeze. But hopefully I will be more organised like this week and just keep a lot of posts in draft so I can get them up more regularly! Thank you to anyone that has been reading my small space on the internet and I hope to really get stuck back into the blogging community!